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Tennessee Soft Wash

who we are

Bryan and Jennifer Parris

Tennessee Soft Wash is a family-owned West Knoxville company started in early 2016 by Bryan & Jennifer Parris. Bryan originally moved to Knoxville in 2009 to serve on the staff of a local Knoxville church after years of being part of both the business world and the church world. These included pastoring several churches and managing a large roofing company in South Carolina.

Eventually, changes in life prompted Bryan to leave his full-time ministry job to launch Tennessee Soft Wash. He dreams that professional businesses can make a positive difference by providing excellent customer service and building trust and relationships.  Tennessee Soft Wash is a growing team of like-minded technicians who desire to be more than just a pressure washing company!

happy family in front of their newly pressure washed home

Tennessee Soft Wash

Four Priorities

Building Relationships

First and foremost, we are part of the Knoxville community. We put people first and desire long lasting friendships with those whom we serve.

Providing Solutions

We are committed to continuing education and skill development so we can always provide the very best solutions and customer experience to our clients

Serving Customers

People are important. That’s why we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If our customer isn’t happy, we haven’t done our job.

Making A Difference

We are more than just a cleaning company! We will partner and serve with other companies and organizations to help make Knoxville a better place.

Four Tennessee Soft Wash was recently featured in Cleaner Times, a national industry publication.

(From article) “Soft washing utilizes the proper detergents rather than high pressure to remove algae, dirt, insect webs, etc., from the house…We live in an area with heavy algae growth, so killing algae, moss, and lichen are priorities for us. Soft washing is the right way to do this.”
Bryan Parris – Owner, Tennessee Soft Wash

Servicing the Knoxville & Concord-Farragut Areas

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Tennessee Soft Wash

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 15 google reviews